HR & Compliance

Mitigate risk, ensure employees’ safety & achieve mandatory compliance

HR & Compliance Training

Focusing time and resources on meeting HR or legal compliance obligations might seem like an obvious decision for a business. However, just meeting the minimum compliance requirements could lead to missed opportunities and business loss.

Awareness and better understanding of the laws, regulations and processes governing the business helps achieve compliance, at the same time, allowing you to reap the benefits of being a fully compliant organization.

Our Solution

Organizations need online employee training programs that go beyond check-the-box compliance requirements. At Plethora, we help organizations move past this stage and integrate a 'compliance mindset' in the workplace.

Our compliance training courses and videos are developed by subject matter experts and seasoned industry professionals, who help keep the online employee training content in-sync with updates in HR and legal compliance requirements, thus helping businesses foster a healthy & lawful culture. In addition, our compliance training solutions are aligned to meet regional laws and regulations.

Our HR and compliance training competencies include:


Diversity & Respect


HR Law

Hiring & Recruiting

Risk Management

Workplace Violence & Substance Abuse

Legal Compliance

Environment, Safety & Health and Transportation

And more...

Give your workforce the added advantage of bite-sized content and reinforcement learning with hundreds of 1 minute & 10 minute videos for learning in the flow of work.

The perfect learning plan of 2400 curated courses and videos to ensure your employees are trained on all the core skills needed for personal, professional and organizational growth.

A comprehensive plan of 7500 curated courses and videos across technical, business, leadership, compliance and behavioral skills to get your workforce skilled.

Plethora Enterprise gives you access to a limitless and growing collection of diverse content on competencies you need today and tomorrow.

Why is HR & Compliance Training critical?

One of the more obvious benefits of compliance training is that it helps the business avoid risk of hefty penalties, lawsuits or shutdown. For growing organizations expanding into newer markets, dynamic compliance training solutions effectively help meet the needs of the growing workforce, at the same time, assuring total compliance in adherence with local laws and policies. Compliance training also ensures that businesses carry a positive image and help build consumer loyalty.

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Internal compliance training related to health and safety, harassment, HR and employee protection helps create a safe and healthy work environment. Adhering to internal compliance helps ensure that employees’ needs are met, while all complains are addressed effectively, because when employees feel safe, fairly treated and compensated, they are more likely to stay.

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